How to renew the password?

In the main page of the portal under the log in form you should click the button “Forgot my password”; then a new window will be opened, where you should enter your e-mail address with which you previously created your account in the portal. There will be an e-mail message of password change sent to your e-mail address. Here you can chose either to click the button "Change the password" or to click on the link, you can also copy the sent link to your address field of the Internet browser. Then you will be directed to the page in the portal, where you will have to enter your new password.

In some cases the receiving of e-mails in your e-mail may be delayed due to different technical reasons. If you do not receive e-mail within a half an hour, then the process shall be repeated. The e-mail of the change of password may also be directed to the spam section of your e-mail.