User Agreement (updated 21.09.2020)

Thank you for using of our application eVeselībasPunkts (hereinafter - the Application). The developer of the Application is a limited liability company "MediCloud", unified registration No. 40203037065, Baložu iela 12-1/3, Riga, LV-1048.

By using the Application, you agree to our Terms of Use.

About the Application

The purpose of the Application is to facilitate your interaction with the healthcare facilities as a patient by providing a variety of Services.

Use of the Application and User Responsibilities

When using our Application, you must always act in accordance with the terms of use.

The application must not be misused and you, as the user, are fully responsible for the accuracy and legality of the data entered. For example, you should not use the Application to create false records or to use other person's personal data without their consent. We may suspend your access to our Application if there is a violation of the Terms of Use or if you violate the law, or if we suspect abuse of the Application.

In order to provide e-services - Appointments, Documents, Payments, Messaging, Loyalty Program - the Application displays and processes data from third party information systems. The third party information system manager (controller) (health care institution, laboratory, etc.) is responsible for the accuracy of the displayed data. We are not the controller of this data and are not responsible for its accuracy.

As it is possible to upload additional files to the Application, the medical institutions that have concluded cooperation agreements with SIA MediCloud and are connected to the Application will be able to use the documents if it is necessary for you to provide health care services.

In the Application you have the option to make your uploaded files available to the above authorities (this will happen if you select the "Public" option), or you can select the option "Private", and then your uploaded files will not be available to the above authorities. At any time, you can change your choices regarding the availability of your uploaded files, as well as delete them.

You, as the user, are responsible for the information contained in these files, that the files do not contain information the processing of which is contrary to the law, and you, as the user, are fully responsible for what you have uploaded to the Application.

In connection with the provision of the service, we can send you emails with reminders, information about administrative changes and other latest news information. E-mail content and form are our full responsibility. Receipt of certain services (such as an Appointment) is not possible without reception of an email.

Service availability on the portal and in the Application may vary. It is our right to decide whether to add or remove individual services from the portal or from the Application, and to discontinue the maintenance of the particular service for user access.

Your profile in the Application

In order to receive all services a user profile in the Application is required. You create a user profile when you sign up for the Application. For registration of a profile, we only require the data that is required for the provision of the Services. We are the controller of the data entered at the time of registration, and they may be deleted at your request. Certain Services are only available after profile authentication, proving your identity. We have the right to add or withdraw certain authentication methods.

Only persons from Latvia who are at least 18 years old are allowed to create a Profile in the Application.

It is your responsibility to protect and disclose access to your profile in the Application and you are solely responsible for all actions performed with your profile in the Application. If you suspect unauthorized use of the profile, please contact us immediately.

If the User does not comply with these rules, SIA MediCloud has the right to use various means against the violator of the rules: deny access to the Application, delete the inserted user documents, without coordinating this action with the user.

Protection of personal data

The Application's Data Processing and Protection Policy provides information about how we handle and protect your personal information when you use our Application.


If you install our Application to receive the Services on your smart device, you will need to update the Application regularly in order to fully receive our services. Updates provide access to the latest Services and security enhancements.

MediCloud grants you personal, general, free, non-transferable and non-exclusive permission to use the software provided by MediCloud as part of the Services. This permission is for the sole purpose of allowing you to use the Services provided by MediCloud and the benefits they provide under these Terms. You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell or lease any part of the Software or any software included therein, or de-construct or attempt to extract the source code from such software unless such action is in compliance with the law or if you have a written permission from us.

Service changes and support cessation

Our Services are constantly being changed and improved. We may add or remove specific features as well as suspend the maintenance of certain Service or terminate the provision of a Service.

You may opt out of our services at any time. We can also limit or terminate the provision of certain services at any time. But the data registered in the Application is yours, therefore in case we stop the service, if it will be possible, we will inform you about the plans in time and provide you with possibility to receive your personal data stored in the Application.

Our warranties and waivers

We provide our Services at a commercially responsible qualification and oversight level, but our warranties are limited. We do not assume any warranty for the Services we provide outside of these and additional terms. For example, we are not responsible for the quality of the data retrieved from third-party information systems or for problems in receiving healthcare at a healthcare facility. Our Services are provided as they are.

Your responsibility

The User undertakes to comply with the requirements of the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and assumes responsibility for his/her activities in the Application.

Connecting to or attempting to obtain another person's usernames and passwords is a criminal offense.

The user is warned that illegal activities with personal data are administratively or criminally punishable.

The user is warned that unauthorized access to an automated data processing system, disruption of the automated data processing system and illegal handling of information contained in this system, illegal operations with automated data processing system resource influencing devices, acquisition, production, modification, storage of data, software and equipment and distribution for illegal activities with electronic communications network terminals are criminal activities and liability for these activities arises in accordance with the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia.

Our responsibility

Our helpdesk service provides you, as a user, with support related to the use of the Application, which includes assistance in registering, using the Services, and other processes within the Application. Our responsibility is not the reality of the data displayed on the portal, if it is derived from third party systems or from the User, the provision of more detailed information on the receipt of health care services or the provision of health care services in a healthcare facility. You should ask these questions to the health care institution representatives. As far as possible, we can help you to contact the relevant health care institution.

About Terms

We may make changes to the Terms to adapt them to changes in legislation or additions to our Services. By using our Application and Services, it is your responsibility to keep track of changes regularly. We will publish all changes on this page and, to the extent possible, provide you as a user with information about them.